Friday, July 4, 2008

A Tip About My Favorite Spackle

I fell in love with the Laura Geller Spackle when I used a sample from my giant collection. I then got my mom hooked on the stuff too. When I ran into Sephora to buy the full size, I grabbed the box labeled spackle, saw it had some extra perks like eye and lip primer, and threw it in with my huge stash of common products to be purchased. This is the Spackle Trio (pictured, right). Mind you, this purchase took me about five minutes and I spent almost $150. Why is it that you run out of the most important, expensive stuff at the exact same time?! I hate that!

Anyway, this was a serious mistake. My mom got the real bottle, which is comprised of 2 oz (pictured left), while mine only has 0.85 oz. I may have the lip and eye primers, but I am certainly not a fan. I tried the eye primer one day thinking that it could be a good switch from my beloved F.Y. Eye (not because I don't want to use my lovely Benefit product, but because sometimes it's good to switch it up). I was seriously mistaken. My shadow was all over the place within an hour and I was quite upset. And we already know how I feel about putting things on my lips so I doubt I will use the lip primer. But who knows, maybe I'll give it a whirl.

My other point about the spackle is that not only will you get more out of a regular bottle, but it also costs a lot less. For 2oz, you'll pay $21.50, but for the Trio it'll run $30. That was certainly a mistake purchase for me and I definitely will know better for next time!



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