Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Steal of a Deal

Brushes are a must, but sometimes it's very pricey to buy all the necessities. Lucky for us, Nordstrom is having their fabulously delicious anniversary sale right now and they always have a ton of wonderful deals. One in particular that I took advantage of was a MAC brush set, exclusively sold at Nordstrom. For only $49.50, I got some of the most important brushes you'll need to add to your makeup repertoire.

Five brushes come in this collection, as well as a makeup bag and a wallet-style brush holder. I bought the purple one, pictured here, but the same set also comes in green. The red set is a set of five different brushes, but the one I purchased seemed the most appropriate for my makeup routine.

Brush 1: 187 SE - This brush I'll use with my bronzer. It's for lightweight application and it really smoothes your face out to evenly apply makeup. Purchased separately, it'll cost you $42.

Brush 2: 168 SE - This white brush (don't get scared, because you'll be washing your brushes frequently, right?) is perfect for your cheeks. I use it with my blush and get the perfect amount of color to exaggerate my cheekbones. Alone, it runs for $32.

Brush 3: 275 SE - Perfect for blending your shadow, this small angled brush works well after you've applied your colors. Smokey eyes will be a piece of cake with this brush. You can even apply your shadow with this brush, making it multi-functional. Retail price is $24.50.

Brush 4: 219 SE - For some added exaggeration in your crease or on your lash line, use this pencil brush for precision. Since it's still flexible and completely stiff, you'll be able to get some nice blending with the rest of your lid. It's normally $23.

Brush 5: 212 SE - This flat brush is great for lining the eye. I like to use it under my bottom lashes with a shadow that I may not have a liner for. It makes not having to buy more pencils a nice money-saving plus. Buy it out of the set and it's $21.

Now, if you add up all those brushes, you'll be brought to the grand total of $142.50 and you won't get the nice purple cases! But hurry because they're only there as long as supplies last at Nordstrom - it's the one limited edition I really couldn't live without!


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