Monday, July 14, 2008

Lusting for Eyeliners

You'll find my summer obsession within my eyes. To bring out my baby blues I've resorted to using some funky colored eyeliners. Just like S, I like to use these colors when I'm running out and don't have much else on. However, they are also great to funk up a dramatic night look. A bright liner is great for the smoky eye to take away from the completely dark and dreary. Among my faves are Lust by Urban Decay and Hyacinth by MAC.

Lust (pictured, left) is a bright purple (a shade that tends to deepen the blue), while Hyacinth is a bright shade of blue. The thinner you make the line, the more subtle the look of course. I tend to only put these liners on the top lid just because I really like to use a thin brush with a shadow as a bottom liner. And, depending on the day, you may not want to use these bright liners on the top and the bottom because we don't want overkill either.

Try thinking out of the box and don't be afraid to use color. Black and brown are great but a bright color can brighten up your face, especially for the summer. There's always a shade that suits each person just right so take your fave color and take a look at the liners by both Urban Decay and MAC.



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