Monday, July 7, 2008

shu uemura IS Fantastic

I feel like I need to counter, or add to, our very first post. At that time, I was still using my Revlon curler because it was something I had been stuck on for years and I thought, why change a good thing? Well, after much speculation and talking to some of my girls, I realized I needed to get myself the shu uemura stat.

AMB and SEV were adamant about the fantastic job this curler could do. They told me that they didn't even need to use mascara at times because their lashes would just look so so full after using the shu uemura. In our first post we led you to believe that there was really no difference between shu uemura and MAC, giving MAC a slight edge because of a price that was five dollars cheaper. But now I really believe in the power of shu uemura.

Although I felt strange using it at first, as it is very different than the Revlon, I quickly became accustomed to the shu uemura. I have yet to see the grand effects that AMB and SEV have told me about because I still feel the need to put on primer plus three different mascaras. However, I think that my lashes look longer and fuller. And I think with time I may be able to wean myself down to just one mascara!

One thing is for sure, I'll definitely use my shu uemura every single day. Heck, I may even need to get the travel size and throw it in my bag!



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