Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedges are a Must

Today is a day for adding. As I applied my makeup this morning, I realized something. I really wanted to add to my post about priming because I never explained the technique I use with my beloved F.Y. Eye.

When I first began using the product, the girl at Sephora told me to use a Q-Tip to get some of the product out of the bottle and then to use a wedge for blending and smoothing purposes. Over time, of course, I became a little lazy and started using just the wedge to apply and spread the primer. I feel like this really is the easiest method. If you take the corner of the wedge and dip it in the primer you'll get enough to smooth over your lid. If you need some more you can always add.

But which end do you use? Well I like to use the thinner end to grab the product from the bottle and I then use that end to rub it in a little. Sometimes I'll use the fat side that's perpendicular to the thin side. So if you have a wedge with the longer side sitting on the counter, use the larger side that goes top to bottom to really blend the product. Otherwise you may get some extra F.Y. Eye leftover on your lids. You want to really blend enough of that product on your lids.

But don't be using that wedge for weeks on end because that's just unsanitary and wedges are seriously so cheap at your local drugstore. Go get 'em!



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