Friday, July 18, 2008

False Lash Impressions

JW complemented me on my eyes the other night. I hadn't seen her since my birthday weekend when I first tried out my fake eyelashes. I was completely sold on Sephora's brand of fakeys, especially since I kept getting so many complements. JW loved them and she gave me some of her recommendations on the lashes.

The other night she asked S if I was wearing the fake lashes and S told her that I was not. JW later told me that she had been fooled by my eyes that looked so full and lengthy. My secret? Primer, three good mascaras, and shu uemura.

Now, three mascaras seems completely ludicrous. Who has that kind of time? But after a while you just kind of become used to using them and it seriously lasts all day long. Here's my process (and don't be discouraged by the length because it really doesn't take that long!!):

1. Use your eyelash curler (shu uemura = love) to prep your lashes.
2. Prime your lashes with a white base, like Prescriptives Lash Builder.
3. I like to start my mascaras with a thinner, professional type brush, like Clinique's High Definition lashes.
4. A thicker brush is next. I use Sephora's Lash Plumper.
5. Use the shu uemura again.
6. Finish it off with a thin brush, like Cover Girl Lash Exact or Maybelline Define-A-Lash.

Yes, I have had many trials and tribulations with mascara, but through trial and error I have found the best options that work for me. And with my very own lashes I can give off the false impression that they are too good to be true. But they're all mine!



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