Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making Up an Appointment

A makeup appointment is something that can really help you understand what you should be using daily. For my cousin's engagement party last year, we went to Smashbox to get our makeup done and that was my chance to really talk to the makeup artist about what I needed for my face or her suggestions on what to use if I was unsure. In fact it was there that she told me I should be using a moisturizer daily despite the fact that I had such oily skin!

Of course I walked out of the makeup appointment with a lip gloss (which I liked at the time) and the Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer (which I actually don't use anymore because after a while I didn't think it did much). But it's really good to get a sense of what a professional thinks of your face and the products you use.

It's a great opportunity because although they tend to coax you into buying products, you'll learn more about yourself and you'll get a nice makeup face out of it - so make sure you've got somewhere to go afterwards!

Some common places* to get your makeup done:
- Sephora only does half your face, as a consultation, but you'll still get some expert tips and tricks
- MAC in Macy's does your whole face, as long as you buy $50 worth of products (but that's also totally worth it)
- Smashbox in Nordstrom did my face for free and I bought a few products

*You usually do need to buy a product or two to get your makeup done. Also, check with your local store to see what they do because they may or may not have the same stipulations. These were just a few examples.



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