Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Clean Up!

Ok so now we know any makeup lover has to have the essentials, one of them being brushes right? Well do we all know how much bacteria can build up on those brushes? EWWWWW!!

With that being said I would like to recommend the MAC brush cleaner, and I know what you're all thinking, why always MAC? Well the brush cleaner happens to be super affordable and preserves the life of the brush. I usually clean my brushes once a week. On the in between days I like to spray Sephora professional daily brush cleaner anti-bacterial formula. This is just to be sure that all that bacteria is killed on a daily basis. If any of you struggle with pimples or acne this could be the reason and something as simple as cleaning your brushes can help! Trust me - it worked for me.


Photos: MACCosmetics.com and Sephora.com

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