Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LOOK: My friend SEV

Angelina Jolie just had her twins, a boy and a girl, but that doesn't mean that she should let her beauty fall by the wayside. A little tinted moisturizer, colored eyeliner, eyelash primer, mascara, and some blush or bronzer and BAM she's ready to feed the twins! OK, let's be honest, Angelina probably won't be having to feed the twins on her own or worrying about running out of her fave beauty products. But there are lots of us that can use a quick refresher course on how to look natural and get out the door in the morning.

SEV tells us that it only takes her 10 minutes to completely prepare her face in the morning and that includes face washing and moisturizing. Take that out of the equation and you can practically prep your face in the car in about only five minutes (after you've already washed and moisturized of course). And the combo of products she uses are pretty simple:

Neutrogena Summer Glow Moisturizer
Clean and Clear Salicylic Acid Gel
Neutrogena Eye Brightening Cream
Prescriptives Camoflauge Cream
Bobbi Brown's Cream Pot Rouge Blush
Nars Bronzer
shu uemura Eyelash Curler

Sometimes, SEV uses a little eyeshadow, but she says she does this very rarely. In addition she makes it known that it's very important to brush your teeth. We agree.

In addition, SEV uses Blistex LipBalm, mainly because she hates chapped lips. In fact, they actually freak her out a little bit. To counter this problem, she'll use the Blistex or for a little extra the Clinique Lip Balm, which has a sheer color to it. Lips are always good to condition (I'm sure Angelina treats hers well!).

So whether you have a little time, a lot of time, newborn twins, or just don't like to spend a lot of time on your makeup, then find the right routine for you to create your natural face. It may take some time but be sure to try out different products and samples. Remember, products work differently from person to person.

Makeup doesn't have to be time consuming - you can look natural and have fun with your friends and family, while looking great!


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