Monday, June 23, 2008

Sample This

Samples are the best thing ever. They are so important because you can get really great finds for free. It's trying something out before you actually commit to a product. Who wants to buy something in a larger size and not be able to use the whole thing, especially when it costs a pretty penny? Samples are free and are perfect (even though they get me hooked on things and make me spend more money sometimes)!

I can think of at least four products that I once sampled and I now use daily: my Stila moisturizer, Laura Geller spackle primer, Clinique High Definition Lashes mascara, and Prescriptives Lash Builder. These, among other products I've acquired over the years, are staples in my makeup diet.

Samples are usually available on online makeup orders, like at and And there are free shipping offers all the time, as well. Online ordering will save you gas, time, and will get you some free loot. If you're going to get the stuff anyway, might as well get something free with it!


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