Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not Another Oily Summer

Ok so I'm well aware that there are many of you makeup lovers out there that feel my pain when it comes to oily skin. So I wanted to help you out by telling you about two really great products that I have been using for years.

First, let me just say that I have spent countless hours, not to mention dollars, trying to find the perfect moisturizer. I have tried them all (trust me). But for the past two years I have been using Clinique's dramatically different moisturizing gel, and I just cannot seem to find a product that even comes close to its perfection. This very lightweight formula helps to moisturize my skin without leaving it feeling greasy and clogged. I know that this is so important to so many people especially since it is summer. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone. If you try Clinique's moisturizing gel and you feel it is not for you then try looking at some other moisturizers that are gels instead of lotions. I promise you will feel a difference.

Next, I wanted to share my great SPF product experience with you guys. Mario Badescu makes the most amazing oil free sunscreen I have ever used. It is SPF 17 and I'm sure to reapply at least twice during the day. This is such a great lotion because once again my face does not feel greasy at all and after a day in the sun I am not left with any ugly breakouts. Yesterday was my beach day and today my skin feels and looks great.


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