Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Celebrities Love Makeup

I've recently noticed all the celebrity makeup endorsements that attempt to grab the attention of women everywhere. My question is, does this really get people to buy makeup?

You need to remember one thing: celebrities have tons of money and makeup artists to do up their faces according to the venue they need to attend. While they may do some things on a daily basis (because everyone has the ability to learn to do their makeup the right way), they may not be using the product they endorse, no matter how much free stuff the company throws at them.

Where do we see these ads? It's the Drew Barrymore Cover Girl commercial during America's Next Top Model, Anne Hathaway for Lancome, Penelope Cruz for L'Oreal, Rihanna for Cover Girl, and the list goes on and on. But do these celebrity ladies really influence us to pick one product over another?

Personally, I think that I'm going to buy a product because I've either read good things about it, sampled it somewhere, or have had it recommended to me by a friend. I can't see myself looking at an ad or commercial and running out to spend money just because a celebrity is getting paid to look beautiful in an ad. Am I really to believe that I'm supposed to look like Rihanna with said product? I say, do your research. When it comes down to it, for me it's the product or the company and not the model.


Photo: Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl,

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