Monday, June 23, 2008

Black Tied

So I know I write a lot about MAC and there's a reason why...I LOVE IT!! I love the wide variety of colors and textures, I love the quality, and I love that it won't break the bank!! There is one eyeshadow in particular that I thought I should share my thoughts on: Black Tied, a black with gold shimmer. This color is AMAZING!!

I was very skeptical when I first received this MAC shade as a gift. In fact, I only started using it a couple of months ago. Now, don't get me wrong and misinterpret my skepticism. It wasn't my beloved MAC's fault, it was actually my own. At first I just wasn't exactly sure how to use this dark of a shadow. But, to start, I decided to use Amber Lights on the lid (another fab must-have color by MAC). Next, I used Black Tied on the side to blend. In the crease, I added a little bit of black eyeliner. I cannot explain what an amazing nightlook I achieved!

I highly suggest all of you makeup lovers out there visit any major department store carrying MAC or any MAC store and try this color on. After all, it goes with just about any color.


Photo: Black Tied,

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