Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Something Old, Something New

I opened up my new Sephora Lash Plumper this morning. It was glorious. I had forgotten that brand new versions of a product you've already been using could be so exciting. In fact, I was just writing a blog the other day about how I was only excited to write about products that I hadn't tried out before and hadn't been in my routine. But I didn't realize the pleasure you get out of using something new, no matter what it is.

It was certainly time to order a new mascara. I was so not excited at the prospect, however, because it was something I was used to. In fact, I decided to place an online order and not waste a trip to the mall (not to mention I got some free samples!). But I had been stuck with this particular tube for a little longer than I should have been - it had been about six months since I had switched it out for a new tube (that's way too long - it should be more like three months!).

But when I opened up my Sephora Lash Plumper, it was quite refreshing and started my day off on the right foot. It was neat and clean and glided onto my lashes like butter spreads on bread. It was just so easy and my lashes seem perfect today.

At least I know my products are some of my faves for a reason. Although I'm in love with new products, they don't have to be unknown to me. They're just as fabulous from my good old makeup repertoire.


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