Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can't Live Without This: Product 2

I haven't been able to live without this second product for years. Giving my eyes a sharper look and my face a brightness when I'm not wearing any makeup at all, my eyeliner is my best friend. In fact, my product of choice is another Prescriptives product. It's the Softlining Pencil in Jet (that's black).

The best part of this pencil is its ability to have a very solid black line. I tend to line the inner bottom lid of my eye with this pencil and it glides easily and stays on for most of the day. For a night out, I'll slip the pencil in my bag and re-line throughout the night. It's definitely a solid pencil. The other side has a blending side to it, but I don't use that very much.

Eyeliner is great because it's something that goes on your eyes, which is the place most people are looking when you're talking to them. It's an extremely quick way to not look tired and to give the appearance of having makeup on without having to do up your entire face. I really believe that eyeliner makes your face complete.

It's so simple to just slip right on! You don't even need to put it on the top for a day face (though I suggest using a thicker pencil when you're lining the top lid).

Grab and go with the Prescriptives Softlining Pencil! And while you're at it pick up the sharpener from Prescriptives - it's only two bucks!



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