Friday, August 8, 2008

Can't Live Without This: Product Survey

I did a little survey to see what the girls out there are using and what their three cant-live-without-these-products would be. JH, SV, JL, KS, and of course your other MLA girl S were all asked what they must have daily if they're just running out of the house and need a quick face.

It seems there is an overwhelming consensus among the girls in using concealer. This definitely makes sense since concealer can really get you out of a bind within seconds. That's why it's definitely worthwhile to invest in a good concealer. The cheap kind probably won't blend as well and may leave your face looking cakey. Although, don't be too quick to dismiss the good old drugstore makeup. S says that her fave concealer is none other than L'Oreal's True Match Concealer.

Three out of these five makeup lovers say that they need their lip gloss. It's about conditioning their lips and ensuring they don't end up with those nasty chapped, peeling lips - ick! S and I aren't ones to use lip balm regularly (sometimes I'll use the Softlips remember), but on occasion it's necessary for these girls to use their lip gloss or lip balm to keep their lips colored and conditioned.

Mascara and eyeliner were also on the girls' lists - to give the appearance of brighter, fuller eyes. They like to use these eye products to finish off their looks and make themselves look more alive. However, S prefers Smashbox's Photo Op Eye Brightener over all else.

Finally, blush appeared on SV's list (like me) and I found bronzer on JL and and S' lists - S likes Benefit's Hoola bronzer. These are the products that can really finish off a look because they add color and pizazz to each girl's face.

As you can see, each girl has a different take on their favorite products. It's all about trial and error and seeing what works for you. Remember, no two people are alike so it's really up to you to find what suits your skin the best. But until then and even when you find your fave three, MLA is here to help you along the way!



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