Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fountain of Youth

As much as I'd like to deny it, the Fall season is almost upon us, which begs the question: Do you still need a moisturizer with SPF in it?

Like I may have said before, moisturizer is so important for all different skin types - this comes from the queen of oily skin. And since you're already wearing a daily moisturizer, you might as well use one that has an SPF, even if you're not going outside all day and soaking up the hot summer sun. I'd say the same for a cloudy day in the summer. The sun's rays are so strong that you must have some sort of protection.

This goes for both women AND men. Sometimes you think you're not really getting any sun because you're not explicitly tanning, but you definitely are. In fact, my editor just told me a story of when she spoke to a dermatologist for an article she was writing. The doctor said that the most cases of skin cancer he sees happen to be located on a person's lower left arm. This is due to the fact that they spend most of their life in traffic and let their left arms rest on the door. It's interesting, but definitely scary.

My face is the most sensitive part of my body. A girl with acne during pretty much her entire adolescence, I know what it's like to have even the slightest thing mess up your face even if it's just for a little while. And like I've said before, I fully intend to keep my face protected when I'm out in the sun.

So incorporate a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 into your daily routine. Your skin will stay protected, healthy, and young. Consider this your fountain of youth.


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