Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a Peeling Summer

I'm having a slight dilemma that I thought I'd share with you, ladies. While I have stated my undying love for Stila's tinted moisturizer, I've found that it's not the best summer product. Furthermore, the SPF 30 certainly feels heavier on my face than the SPF 15. In the summertime, I find that it's not as necessary to use a tinted moisturizer since I sometimes may have that sunkissed glow.

However, being as fair as I am, I tend to peel. A lot. I found this specifically true last weekend when I laid on the beach for just one day. I got lots of color (even though I used an SPF on my face) and two days later, I found my whole face peeling off. I first had a tightness in my face, followed by a hardening of the top layer of my skin, and finally a disgusting peeling for a few days. I'm thinking a higher SPF is in order, as well as a little more face coverage when I'm in the sun.

In any case, I found myself missing something very important throughout this whole experience. I didn't have the proper moisturizer to soothe my peeling face. My Stila moisturizer was simply not easily spread throughout my face and didn't give me the proper moisture necessary to alleviate the horrible issue I was having, fault completely due to myself.

Last week I purchased another moisturizer by Lancome, but I'm finding that I don't like it as an everyday product. I'd rather use this one for protection in the sun, specifically because it has SPF 30.

My face, by now, is much better than last week, but I'm still looking to find the perfect summer moisturizer that will be just right for a completely dry, aching face (even though naturally I'm extremely oily). I will certainly be protecting myself better, however, and I will keep you posted on what I come up with. It may be August, but summer is far from over!



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