Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smashbox Cream Eyeliner Pencil

I used the brown Smashbox cream eyeliner pencil from the On in 5 kit the other day and came up with a few conclusions.

1. It goes on really smoothly. I mean it pretty much just glides right on to your lid. That's cream for ya.

2. That same creamy goodness may have also been what led it to run a little bit on my lid and disappear by the end of the day for the most part. While nice and dark at first glance, it pretty much blended with the rest of my makeup the rest of the day.

3. It was so dark at first that it was so noticeably brown. I had to offset that with a non-black mascara, because let's face it - I really hate black and brown together. Ha. It's pretty much an impossibility for me. So I just had an extra excuse to use Benefit's BADgal Plum!

4. I'm not totally loving Smashbox cream eyeliner pencils, but I think they could be good if you're just going out for a few hours and want to line your eyes quickly. I wouldn't say they are great for long-lasting wear, but great for ease and dramatic color.


FYI: It seems that this pencil is an Ulta.com exclusive from the kit. Most Smashbox cream liners come in a little pot and you need a brush to apply it.

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