Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dreaming of Gleam

Talking to makeup artists and salespeople often is a good idea. I, myself, have been skeptical in the past, thinking that all they would try to do is sell me something I don't really need. However, you must remember that while they probably earn a commission for what they sell you, they are extremely knowledgeable (we hope) and deal with these products all the time.

Case and point - my MAC store experience the other day. I walked in looking for a navy-colored shadow and was immediately greeted by a girl who helped me see that the shade I would have picked at first was not eh one I should purchase. It was a different shade (Contrast) that I initially wasn't too sold on. She then asked me what I might pair it with. Ricepaper, of course, was my answer.

She was very approving of my choice, but still suggested another I may not have though of - Gleam. It was also soft, but more of a peach color. I did love it, but decided it was unnecessary. But now - I can't stop thinking about it! I really want to pick myself up some Gleam.

Lesson here: listen to salespeople, but don't impulse buy either. If it's something that might end up working for you, then you'll be back to the store eventually!


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