Monday, September 22, 2008

Makeup Police

Despite the disaster of a show that was the Emmys last night, I managed to make a few observations on the faces of some of TV's finest. Some were good and some were bad. Welcome to the Makeup Police.

Despite all the speculation of the Desperate Housewives star being pregnant, Eva Longoria Parker swears she's just fat. But this doesn't mean she needs to look like a crazy person. Personally, I love Eva. She's great in her role as Gabrielle Solis and she's cute as a button. And I loved when she got her bob (I have one myself). But what was with her makeup? Her raccoon eyes were so jarring, matched by her feathery short number. She was lost in the glamour that was her Desperate Housewives co-stars.

What Eva should have done was dialed down the eyes just a little. While stage makeup needs to be a bit heavier to be seen, she wasn't performing. In fact most of the night she was sitting down. I am the number one fan of the smoky eye, but on Eva last night it was not flattering. It almost looked like she couldn't get all her eye makeup off from the night before!

I loved Lauren Conrad's makeup. She usually gets that right. Our favorite The Hills actress was glowing and had just the right amount of makeup to go with her look. I've always been a fan of the way she lines the top of her eyes. Now if only I could perfect that on myself!

A quick mention of Christina Applegate and America Ferrera. Though they both looked stunning in their gowns, I was not really a fan of their makeup. Christina needed a different color on her lips and maybe a different bronzer. She also should carry some kind of oil blotting sheets or perhaps Smashbox's Anti-Shine compact for touch-ups. America's lipstick was far too bold for my taste. However, if we're going to go light on the eyes, we should have one part pop - and that was the lips for America. She just looked kind of young to me.

Finally, we have Tina Fey. She looked fresh-faced and ready to accept her Best Actress and Best Writing awards! And she was Sarah-Palin-glasses free! Though she may have benefited from some eyeliner and some more color, she looked great and let her dress and humor shine through for her big wins. I'll call Tiny Fey the anti-Eva Longoria.



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