Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Latest Eye Combo

Continuing with the beauty immunity theme, I wanted to tell you how I get my eyeshadow to stay on longer now than ever before. I have always loved Benefit's F-Y-Eye, but I think it was just time for a change. My face is so seriously oily so it's important to really prime the you-know-what out of my eyes. I started using a combination, which yes takes a little longer, but seriously helps me not have a crease until a while after I leave the office - that's more than eight hours of work that this combo needs to do for me and I'm certainly pleased.

This combination is of concealer and primer. Now, I haven't really attempted to shy away from this particular combination for the simple fact that it's working so well. My fave concealer is Prescriptives' Camouflage Cream and I've coupled it with Laura Mercier's Eye Basics in Flax. These two creams, once blended in, give me a nice clean eye to work with.

I first got the idea to use concealer when I was working with a client and she told me she used concealer on her lids to cover up some redness. I had never done that on myself before (as I don't have much discoloration), but I started and it proved to be a great start to this method of priming my eyes for regular eyeshadow. This is especially perfect for when I go out and really need to exaggerate my eye makeup. Who needs raccoon eyes after a fun night out?

Different methods work for different people so if you find that this combination doesn't work for you then try switching it up. There are lots of primers and concealers out there on the market - you just need to find the one that you like the best.


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