Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is This All I Need?

I got back to the gym yesterday. I am very excited about that. I've been pumped all day long! After my lovely shower last night, I decided I should really put moisturizer on right after I get out of the shower. My moisturizer even says to put on after you've washed your face and it is still damp. I thought, hey, why not follow the directions? My face felt so soft and protected and smooth. I was very happy about that.

Now my question - was it that I put moisturizer on twice yesterday or that I've begun using yet another different moisturizer? I purchased Prescriptives All You Need + SPF 15 moisturizer for oilier skin recently and have found my face to be nice and smooth. With my new revelation, I think what I should do is put my tinted moisturizer on in the morning and my regular Prescriptives on at night. That sounds like a good plan.

I've been rather obsessive in my search for the right moisturizer, I know. And my face literally produces more oil than a bottle of EVOO. Now, I know what you're thinking, if you have such oily skin, why a moisturizer?

I was told by a makeup artist at Nordstrom in Vegas that everyone should use a moisturizer, no matter what their skin type. If you have dry skin, it's obvious why you'll need a moisturizer. But if you have oily skin it's also important. You see, when you wash your face, some of the natural oils are whisked away. Your face naturally produces oils after this, but overcompensates for the fact that your face has no oil on it at all. And poof! Way too much oil - which is very hard to accept. I'm certainly not a fan.

Two thumbs up for Prescriptives moisturizer. I'll keep you posted…


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